A dachshund, in a bun and with glasses, is the logo of our team. Since the dog works in the IT industry, he would not be able to do it without glasses, right? That was our immediate choice. We're sure you will ask: why a dachshund in a bun? And the answer can't be any more obvious: just for fun!

The very name „PROvisioners” is a play on words that each member of our team identifies with. There are professionals (PROfessionals) and visioners among us. And both of these groups are passionate about provisioning.

What is provisioning, after all? In our work this term stands for the process of configuration of devices, e.g. modems. We can say that a device is provisioned when it has been configured in accordance with the customer’s contract. Only then does it gain access to various telecommunications services, such as the Internet or television. This type of configuration is possible to execute with the application of our microservices. We currently have several dozen of these under our care, but the number is constantly growing…

Our projects are developed on the JVM platform. Due to the size and complexity of projects we implement, organization techniques are crucial for us. We believe that these days technologies play an extremely important role in our lives and businesses. However, we still value interpersonal communication the most – both within our team and in the relationship with the client. We always favor a loose and open conversation (also about dogs) and try to make everyone in our company feel as comfortable as possible.

Our free approach to interpersonal relations has not prevented us from perfectly mastering several key technologies. Here are the ones we use every day:

  • Java, Kotlin
  • Spring, Hibernate
  • Maven, Gradle
  • Spring Boot, Tomcat
  • CI/CD tools, Git
  • Microservices
Would you like to see a dog in a bun up close and talk about provisioning?
Come and visit us!

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