A little birdie told us that we are the most harmonious team in the entire southwest of Poland. Within our crew, continuous integration is not only a concept related to software craftsmanship. We constantly exchange knowledge, experience, and bad jokes…

Have you ever invited people over to watch a movie together and the evening was ruined by technical problems? Neither have we, as software developed by our team successfully contributes to avoiding such situations! The blueJays team is currently working on applications that diagnose the network of a large, international telecom (internet, television, telephony, and others). Our solutions are used by consultants and technicians who analyze and monitor problems that might appear in the operation of the services provided.

The blueJays team is responsible for writing diagnostic applications that collect data from network devices and many various systems. The data is presented in a frontend application, written in Vue.js. However, we spend most of our time on writing backend applications in Kotlin, with the use of the Spring Boot framework. We always try to use the latest versions of libraries and frameworks. We pride ourselves on having a real impact on the choice of used technologies that are tailored to our needs. It gives us the necessary work comfort, whereas our client is always guaranteed the best available solution.

You can see much more from above, where we reside. It allows us to always choose the right tools.

Here are the technologies we use in our daily work:

  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot (Web, Security, Data JPA, Cloud)
  • jUnit5, MockK
  • Gradle (kts)
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Vue.js
  • Jest
  • AWS
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL
We invite everyone who wants to fly further than the competition to cooperate with us.

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