There are no more complex creatures than cats – they do their own thing and never cease to amaze. Their healthy stance towards reality is quite impressive. And cats' unique, sober approach to the most complicated tasks makes them the coolest creatures around....

Our main goals are as unique as we are. So what can you look forward to? High performance, concurrency and perfect scaling, for sure. Count on type safety, too, because it means no games of cat and mouse with bugs. Implicits are also a must – no self-respecting cat wastes time typing in arguments. Purr functional programming? You’ve got it! Nothing ordinary can be expected from lifetime learners in constant search for the perfect way to create software and always eager to help and teach others.

You might have probably guessed that telecommunications is our domain. It is because we focus on performance and reliability – the most important aspects of this area. We create a high-class telemetry data collection system for a telecommunications network of 12 million devices. These cats can be proud, can’t they?

The list of technologies we use in our daily work is as impressive as our appetite for professional challenges:

  • Scala, Kotlin
  • Typelevel Stack (Cats, Cats Effect, fs2, http4s)
  • Akka (Akka Cluster, Akka Http)
  • AWS
  • Functional programming
You won't find cats like these anywhere else.
Time to find out...

Our other teams

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