Quality Assurance
„We break it, you buy it.” And in the end, you will thank us...

Our goal and the true essence of our existence is to care for the quality of our software. We are an ubiquitous bunch. You may not notice us, but it is impossible not to recognize the effects of our work. We are here to make everything function properly.
Employing tedious, methodical action, we bring things to order: we find the defects, report them, and then make sure that they have been repaired quickly and efficiently. We deal with manual tests and widely understood automation, taking into account the latest trends and available tools.
Being busy bees that we are, we test REST and SOAP API with passion and commitment. Automation in Java, Groovy, and Kotlin is our daily bread. We use the Gherkin language to create clear and transparent test cases.

Here is a list of the technologies we use every day. Isn’t it impressive?

  • Java / Groovy / Kotlin
  • SoapUI / Postman
  • Gherkin
  • JUnit4/5, AssertJ, MockK
  • Gradle
  • Atlassian stack


Look around.
We are right next door, and we work in your favor!

Our other teams

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