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Recruitment at NetworkedAssets consists of several stages, which varies depending on the applied position.
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Phone Screening
Homework task
Job interview
Feedback after recruitment

Recruitment stages

Candidates can apply via an advertisement on the recruitment portal (most often No Fluff Jobs, Just Join IT, The CV is verified in terms of compliance with the requirements.
The phone call usually takes about 15-20 minutes. It includes questions about the candidate’s experience (CV) and his professional interests, a short interview in English (in the case of PM, additionally in German) and formal issues (financial expectations, availability). During the interview, basic information about the company and the potential project to which the candidate would be assigned to is provided.
Task (for developers)
After the recruiting team accepted the candidate’s profile, we send a recruitment task by e-mail. It forms the basis for the next stage – an interview (based on the task, live programming is performed). If the task does not meet the expectations of the recruiters, the candidate receives feedback along with the evaluation of the task (pros and cons of the solution).
Interview with technical questions (for DevOps)
In the case of recruiting for a DevOps position, there is an additional stage, which is a technical interview. Its purpose is to check the scope of the candidate’s knowledge in the areas related to the position for which we are recruiting. Currently, these are questions in the area of Linux, Ansible, network and containerization. Sometimes this conversation is combined with screening.
The interview lasts about 1.5-2 hours. During the meeting, the leader and members of the recruiting team will learn about the technical aspects of the candidate’s work so far. From March 2020, conversations take place remotely on Microsoft Teams. NA comes back to the candidate with a feedback up to 2 weeks.

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