DC networking, DDI, cloud connections
Pandas are in a league of their own. They know kung fu, speak foreign languages, and are proud of all of it...

The description of our business could not be more complex: the applications we create support self-service in the field of DDI and cloud connections in onPrem datacenters and the cloud. But it is thanks to our applications that the creation of a public or private domain, with LB and certificate, is only a matter of a few clicks in a simple and friendly UI form / one API call. The same applies to the technically complicated compilation of connections between onPrem and cloud, or cloud to cloud. Do you like completing your projects in comfortable conditions, without unnecessary surprises? If so, make friends with pandas…

We work according to the Kanban method, and we are part of a much larger program. Its range and dependencies are refined on quarterly PI plannings. We develop and maintain several services in Kotlin and Spring Boot, with fronts in Vue.js. Our applications are deployed on AWS, using GitLab CI, terraform, and docker-compose / k8s. For convenience, we’ve divided our group into smaller, 2-3 person teams. Each one of them produces software with the utmost care about quality. We use good programming practices such as code reviews, unit and integration tests, CI, coding conventions, etc. We only utilize operating systems free from the sign: „carriage return”…

You already have a big picture of the demanding set of tasks we undertake every single day.

Therefore, you will not be surprised by the rich list of technologies we use:

  • Spring Boot (security, data-jpa, data-neo4j, cloud-gateway, cloud-aws and several others)
  • Kotlin
  • Junit5, Mockk, AssertJ
  • Gradle
  • Vue.js v2 (we are going to migrate to v3) + ES6 (we are migrating to TS)
  • Bootstrap-vue i Quasar
  • Cypress
  • Postgres, Neo4j, Prometheus, Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • Docker, docker-compose, k8s, terraform
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jira, Confluence, Office 365
Would you like to have a conversation with us? Should we translate this description from
Pandaspeak into Polish? Not a problem. Come and visit us!

Our other teams

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