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June 2, 2017
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Sesja Linuksowa 2017

Sesja Linuksowa is a conference about Open Source solutions and latest trends in GNU/Linux operating systems. It is one of the largest conferences in Wrocław, Poland and it is organised by Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne.

For the 14th time, it gathered enthusiasts, hackers and all sorts of experts from the Open Source and GNU/Linux community to discuss and present latest trends and technologies and at the same time promote the idea of free software. The attendance is free of charge and each time there are special guests who represent major Open Source projects like Lennart Poettering [systemd] or Klaus Knopper [knoppix].

It was for the 3rd time that I took the stage on Sesja Linuksowa and I must admit that each end every time I’m very happy to present during this conference. I admire the professionalism of the organisation but the most value is in meeting all those people around the idea of free software. Sesja Linuksowa, in contrast to many other conferences, is not about marketing and advertising commercial products. It does not even follow hyped buzzwords like DevOps, SaaS, PaaS and whatnot. The biggest value, in my opinion, is that academic non-commercial approach which drives this thing.

I had a chance to present techniques of protecting local and remote resources like applications, systems and databases using GNU/Linux tools and a bit of social engineering. The talk was based on the military doctrine called “Six D” and how it applies to defending IT resources. As a Senior Lead System Engineer here in NetworkedAssets I’m responsible for security issues and how we can protect our resources and company secrets. I’m also a leader of the Support/Ops Team which in a great matter benefit from the knowledge from Sesja Linuksowa and alike.

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