Review of Polyconf 2017, Paris

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Review of Polyconf 2017, Paris

We’ve visited beautiful Paris for Polyconf, a multi-disciplinary non-profit conference for programmers interested in polyglot approach to software development.


In the following we share our impressions:

Adam Budzik

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of technologies discussed and presented by speakers and great atmosphere at the conference.

My favourite talk was “Ada 99 – Rewriting your very first computer program” by Steven Goodwin.

Steven implemented the same algorithm in each of the 16 different languages to prove that we should focus on problem first and then on implementation. This talk showed well differences of programming languages conventions over the years.

Krzysiek Piszko

Despite some technical issues, I’ve enjoyed Polyconf a great deal – I will most likely attend it next year as well.

While I have quite a few favourites (many of them being lighting talks) I think that the one I enjoyed the most was “Tearing down walls: Web APIs for desktop applications” given by Don Goodman-Wilson.

He talked about integrating Screenhero with Slack, using Ruby, Erlang, C, JS and other languages (total of 9). In the end it’s been a very insightful talk about picking the right language for a given job and what great things can be achieved with APIs other than CRUD.

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