Review of Code Europe 2017

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June 12, 2017
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Review of Code Europe 2017

It’s time to sum up our impressions after the CodeEurope conference 2017, the largest programming conference in Poland.

Four developers from NetworkedAssets attended this year’s conference on the 23rd of May in Wrocław. Find following their insights:

Marcel Kończyk

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Serverless Galaxy (by Slobodan Stojanović)”. Steps for geeting confused and enlighted during one talk:
1. Go to the talk of Slobodan, having Serverless in its title.
2. Expect the talk being about: less servers?
3. Discover that actually there’s more servers involved in the archtecture called serverless.
4. Hear the simple explenation, that less is more.
5. Feel that moment when you realise what’ve just happened. 🙂

The talk called “Monoliths to Services with Elixir and Phoenix” by Lauren Tan was my favourite. It is always good to know more about microservices. In the first part, she gave us a short introduction into microservices, their pros and cons, what to do and what to do not. Then Lauren showed us a project, a real example, that might be sometimes easier to understand than pure theory.

Mikołaj Robakowski

I personally loved the talk about Elixir and the umbrella projects as a low-infrastructure-overhead alternative to true microservices. This talk was done by Lauren Tan, a Netflix employee.

The first part of the talk was about why you might be better off NOT doing microservices and their pros and cons overall. Then she presented a short intro to the Elixir programming language, and why it’s great for gently introducing the best things about microservices into your project.

Of course, a real example is always better than a blog post or some slides, so here’s the project that Lauren showed us @ Code Europe: Peedy – a PDF watermarking service written in Elixir.

Krzysztof Piszko

It was a great conference with a lot of interesting talks. I’ve been on (among others):

– “A Fundamental Formula for Microservices using Docker”

A talk from Microsoft employee about pros and cons of microservices (and some Microsoft commercial).

– “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Serverless Galaxy”

Interesting talk explaining serverless architecture. Loved explanation of the name itself:

Serverless architecture is actually more servers and as we know less is more so – Serverless.

– “Tested by Monkeys — The end of banana software!”

Very interesting talk about usage of Genetic Algorithm in testing.

All of those talks were great, but the one thing I’ll remember the most is a workshop I’ve attended: “The Final Battle of Lego Mindstorms Sumo Robot”. We’ve all been given a Lego Mindstorm robot and 45 minutes to program it to win sumo battles using simple Windows program. Nothing complicated, but we all had tons of fun!

Jarosław Watral

My overall impression of CodeEurope is very positive. Lots of great talks from employees of top modern IT companies like Netflix, Uber, Spotify etc. packed in tight schedule of this one day conference.

I’ve liked the variety of topics, platforms and languages – main streams were backend, frontend, DevOps, IoT, but there were some other interesting topics like microservices and “exotic” programming languages like elixir.

There were some topics, that were extremely interesting for me, and that I want to investigate further:

– “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Serverless Galaxy” – great introduction to AWS Lambda and the Serverless world.

– “Dlaczego każdy programista powinien poznać język Go” – interesting presentation of Golang – I was convinced it’s worth to learn.

– “Monoliths to Services with Elixir and Phoenix” – very insightful talk on Phoenix framework, Elixir language and microservices as such from Netflix employee.

The complete agenda can be found here.

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