Reflections from DDD-WRO Meetup

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Reflections from DDD-WRO Meetup

Last week we were the proud hosts of a DDD-WRO meeting, a local group focused on Domain Driven Development (DDD) with a special focus on techniques like EventStorming (more about the group on Twitter or Meetup).

This particular event was dedicated to modelling a recruitment process. The group host – Miroslaw Praglowski had invited a domain expert – the experienced ex-recruiter Ewelina Kurasz.

We started the meeting with some light snacks and drinks to allow the 20 participants to prepare for exhaustive exercises, network and simply meet each other. As a kick-off for the modelling exercise Ewelina presented a generic corporate recruitment process, explaining different roles and a possible timeline.

Next, we split into four independent groups having a task to model a better process based on our own experience of being a candidate and in some cases a hiring manager. Naturally we also had some time slots with Ewelina, providing input as a business domain expert.

Based on these exercises four groups prepared their own models. Some of these models were focused on optimizing the example given in the kick-off presentation, some decided to build it from scratch. Naturally each group had to present their model and answer challenging questions from the domain expert and other participants.

It was interesting to witness how the different groups approached the process not only in terms of modelling techniques and visualization, but also attention to detail and focus on either the recruiting company or the candidate experience. It started many lively discussions which lasted till late in the evening – the meetup ended after 10 pm!

We hope you all enjoyed the meetup the same way we did and we plan to repeat it soon. If you are interested please stay tuned, follow us on our website, on Twitter and/or Facebook. We are happy to announce that we are planning to start Wrocław Lean Coffee meetups and to revive the Lower Silesian Atlassian User Group!


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