Reflections from Berlin Lean Coffee

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November 6, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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Reflections from Berlin Lean Coffee


Last Thursday we hosted in our office a Berlin Lean Coffee meetup. After a longer break the group revived the series of meetings and made it special thanks to inviting a guest. The meeting started with a short presentation and exercise around The Kanban Guide – a tool for reflecting and improving practices of Kanban Method and some related topic like the Theory of Constrains. This initial part was led by Jose Casal – one of the authors of the tool. 

It was interesting for all participants independent from their level of familiarity with the Kanban Method. It’s been identified as a tool useful for the team which don’t have daily support for a coach, as well as an approach to push the teams out of their “proto-Kanban” comfort zone. 

We followed up with a Lean Coffee formatted discussion. Some of the topics were naturally triggered by the Kanban Guide, but we also discussed topics of structuring and tracking team experiments properly. One of the participants – Russell – prepared for us a useful experiment canvas. Some other discussed topics touched work of Troy Magennis and Daniel Vacanti on forecasting and actionable lean/agile metrics. 

We were happy to provide the place, some healthy snacks and drinks as we wish this group many more inspiring meetings and discussions! 

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