ProductCamp Berlin 2017

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October 20, 2017
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November 1, 2017
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ProductCamp Berlin 2017

On Next Saturday Berlin’s product sphere is going to enjoy one of the greatest community driven unconferences  – ProductCamp (Twitter: @pcampberlin). It’s an annual event wrapped around topics of widely understood product management and marketing. It attracts volunteers from many well-known Berlin brands, but also people looking for feedback, experience or inspirations to work with a new or existing product as a start-up or a part of big company’ portfolio. Naturally you will meet people from other German cities and abroad as well.  

It’s not a mistake to say everyone participating in ProductCamp is a volunteer. It’s not a commercial event, or a typical conference, where you pay, attend and others do things for you. At ProductCamp everyone’s welcomed to support it with some part of his/her time helping with event logistics or any other part of the event organization. ProductCamp is one of the events where you better hurry if you want to participate – there’s always more people interested in it than tickets available. We got ours thanks to one of the sponsors ueberproduct (Twitter: @ueberproduct) Thanks, Markus 

Our Lean and Agile Coach (@orszewski) there, so if you want to say Hello please don’t hesitate to write him.  

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