Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Lean Agile Scotland

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September 26, 2017
Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Agile Częstochowa
September 27, 2017
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Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Lean Agile Scotland

It’s autumn again and so many great events across the Europe happening at the same time or very close to each other makes it very hard to decide, where to go. As soon as the programmes have been published the choice became even harder. Nevertheless we decided to go visit Edinburgh in October for the Lean Agile Scotland conference.

If you haven’t heard about it is an annual event, which attracts many experienced and influential practitioners and speakers. One of its strong points is very demanding selection of topics: You’ll find less “beginners’ level” speeches, but more advanced presentations of case studies, actionable workshops and hands-on trainings.

We hope to find some inspirations during 3 days in Scotland and bring back to NetworkedAssets some take-aways to push our organization, cooperation with customers and our culture toward evolutionary, lean improvements.

Everything is better in good company and our experience shows us that visiting conferences as a group helps with networking and simply getting to know people. So in Edinburgh you will meet our lead PM Anna Matuszewska, Vladyslava Daruk – one of her colleagues – and our Lean and Agile Coach Radoslaw Orszewski.

Let us know if you’re also going to Lean Agile Scotland. We’d love to talk over a coffee! If you skip it this year we promise to share some live updates via out Twitter and later summarized on our Company blog.

See you in Edinburgh!

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