Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Agile Częstochowa

Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Lean Agile Scotland
September 26, 2017
Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Akademickie Targi Pracy in Wrocław
October 9, 2017
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Meet NetworkedAssets. This time @ Agile Częstochowa

At NetworkedAssets we love to share our experience, because it leads to good, meaningful feedback and questions. Questions asked by those, who want to know more about how and what we do, but also questions which pop up in our own heads, when we hear ourselves explaining our ways of working to others. Therefore, we love to participate in local communities of practitioners.

We are happy to announce that in October we will engage and support the first Agile Częstochowa meetup! When we heard about the initiative organized by Sylwia Dąbrowska we decided to dive in and join.

The event starts on October 26th (Thursday) and we will be represented there by our Lean and Agile Coach Radek Orszewski. He will speak about the definition and common traps on the way towards legendary agility. But do not fear: As this is an agile and lean meetup, it will also be highly interactive, using games to explain lean and agile principles

We hope to share and learn at the same time and we keep our fingers crossed to see this community live long and prosper.

See you in Częstochowa!

  • Date: 26.10.2017
  • Venue: tbd
  • If you want to join please register via Facebook or contact Sylwia directly (details on Facebook event page).

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