Inauguration Meeting of the Atlassian User Group Lower Silesia

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September 11, 2014
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February 5, 2015
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Inauguration Meeting of the Atlassian User Group Lower Silesia

Summary Write-Up of the Wrocław Inauguration Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Atlassian User Group Lower Silesia is now behind us. The turnout was great, and so was the mood. Given the level of interest the attendees gave to our speakers’ presentations, it is also fair to say that the topics raised were on the mark, too. Look below for a short write-up about the presentations held and the materials available for download.

Stash – Effective teamwork

Konrad Hołowiński kicked off the meeting with his Stash – Effective teamwork presentation.

The purpose of the presentation was to look at the benefits of Stash as a tool to ease day-to-day Git work and streamline other IT projects.

His speech highlighted the application’s major capabilities such as:

  • User management
  • Fine-grained management of permissions
  • Process support through application use as a code review platform
  • Integration with other Atlassian products
  • Expandable functionalities

The presentation focused on the key functionalities of Stash such as the pull request feature, which streamlines collaborative coding work and provides inline commenting. The benefits of Stash integration with other Atlassian products were pointed out, too. They include:

  • Bamboo (build overview, branch merging for branches that do not go through builds, automatic builds for all branches pushed to Stash server)
  • JIRA (visibility into branches, commits and pull requests related to work on a JIRA issue, visibility into JIRA issues within Stash)

The presentation ended with a note on Stash expandability and user customization—an advantage shared by all Atlassian products.

Practical Use of Atlassian Tools for Project Scaling and Management. Best Practices

Jerzy Wąchała, the second speaker, followed with a presentation on Practical Use of Atlassian Tools for Project Scaling and Management. Best Practices.

The purpose of the presentation was to show users how they can configure JIRA Agile effectively to manage typical projects and large-scare frameworks with multiple dependent projects.

His presentation focused on the key business reasons for and benefits of using Atlassian solutions for project management such as:

  • Transparency: key project personnel gets all necessary information for project decision-making purposes
  • Flexibility and scalability of JIRA projects

Specific examples were used to showcase configuration capabilities of Atlassian tools (JIRA, Zephyr, Fisheye, Crucible) that give users the ability to support a variety of different-sized projects, project teams and software development processes. The attendees were also shown the most effective solutions for:

  • Project governance board: involving multiple program levels and several projects
  • Best Practices for Project settings: Version Control, Epiki, Scrum vs. Kanban
  • Story Point vs. Time Estimations

The presentation concluded with a discussion on how customers’ business requirements can be put together technology-wise to form a working whole.

On behalf of our speakers, we would like to thank all attendees for the opportunity to hold the presentations and for the interesting questions raised. Some of them came up as a result of information about new products and functionalities of Atlassian tools (such as the management and timeline presentation for projects and programs), which was presented moments later as part of the Atlassian Summit 14 live streaming.

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