How to facilitate EventStorming like a pro?

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How to facilitate EventStorming like a pro?

As you may know from our previous blog post, in January 2017 we hosted Alberto Brandolini – a consultant from Avanscoperta and the author of EventStorming – one of domain driven design (DDD) techniques.

EventStorming is focused on knowledge transitions between business (domain experts) and product or service development teams. We are happy to share some more insights about our own experience with it and the ways we use it.

First, let us explain why we were interested in it at all. At some point of time everyone involved in IT business realizes that building a product or a service, which would satisfy the customer needs without frustrating the development team, is not a piece of cake.

Usually, on one hand we have some very busy, business people, who like to hand over a massive, in their perception, detailed PDF file with a set of requirements and wait until it’s being translated into a precise, accurate product.

On the other hand we have technical minds focused on “how”. They simply want put it into action. Just start coding. Right here, right now.

How to engage the two worlds into one discussion, which both sides will find valuable? Well.. easier said than done.

The situation described above is our everyday challenge, hence, we continuously look for a better way of connecting our customers with our teams in order to make such knowledge “osmosis” less painful or time consuming. We try and keep experimenting with questionnaires, demos, user stories and user stories mapping, but many of these techniques focus (for a good reason!) on end user perspective and expectations.

Nevertheless, for us it is equally important to design, architect and implement the system in a way that corresponds with a user journey. That’s why we added DDD and EventStorming, in particular, to our toolkit.

You may have come up with a question – is EventStorming a solution, which could really help? The answer, under some conditions, is “yes”. We have discovered and put it into practice with our real customers that well facilitated and engaging sessions of EventStorming can be a great opportunity to learn a lot and kick off building the right system, the right way, from the very beginning. What are the conditions under which you are more likely to succeed?

That’s exactly the question we raised with Alberto. As a result, we are happy to share with you a video clip compiling the facilitation hints. He walks through the logistics (space, room, post-its), psychology and dynamics of the groups (silent or too vocal people) to conclude about the art of asking the right questions.

If you are struggling with the same challenges at your everyday work, we invite you to watch the video, leave a comment and try it by yourself. We also encourage to contact us directly. We’d be more than happy to listen and find out, if we can work together to solve your challenges.

Additionally, below you’ll also find the pictures of original drawings by Alberto:

What else you could use EventStorming for?

Watching some teams working on takeover of  legacy products and projects, we are trying out new uses for the method. EventStorming could be a useful technique for one team to explain a completed project to other colleagues (new team members or a totally new team). We will encourage some teams for internal EventStorming sessions with their peers. It is a good opportunity to teach others about the technique and the product, and at the same time, listen to yourself explaining the product and asking even better questions about your own past and future job.

Again, we’d be happy to hear you out regarding your challenges and see if we could help.

Please use our contact form. Until then – Happy EventStorming!

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