The Hottest Open Space Unconference On Agile Software Development – AgileCrete2017

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August 2, 2017
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The Hottest Open Space Unconference On Agile Software Development – AgileCrete2017

The Hottest Open Space Unconference On Agile Software Development, organized by the started on Thursday 13th July 2017 at the Aquis Arina Sand near to Heraklion, Greece. Networked Assets was there! Slava and Martyna represented the company on the Unconference. Find following their impressions:

The whole idea of the unconference was fascinating – no boring presentations, numbers, percentages and other theoretical stuff. And, basically, this format justified itself: the time passed completely unnoticed and we were never bored. Instead of hosting an event the AgileCrete team focused on the most valuable part of any conference: the people.

The unconference covered areas like Software development. We decided what topics we wanted to talk about, work on and with whom – instead of hoping a “speaker” will spend a few minutes addressing that topic. We brought our own burning questions, listening to those of others, participating in a lot of discussion sessions. Every day morning all participants posted sticky notes to the wall and created together a huge gallery of session topics for each day. Sitting in small groups we were discussing topics we were interested in. Everyone was invited to the circle.

One of the most interesting topic for us was the session about BDD topic. Behaviour-driven development is something what we are trying to implement in our projects. It was therefore beneficial to compare our experience in this area and talk about problems, ideas and solutions.

After all sessions, we always met in the large open space to summarize the day. AgileCrete is an Open Space Unconference that connects agile software development professionals from all over the world. It’s the playground where coaches and development team members gather to exchange and challenge ideas about all things agile.

In our mind stays the Crete’s Unconference as a place that inspires people and opens them up for new perspectives. It was worth to gather in it.

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