Hello. We are Atlassian Users!

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May 17, 2017
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Hello. We are Atlassian Users!

Announcement at the Atlassian User Group Meeting, May 19th 2017, Berlin

On June 30th our current partnership status (Gold Solution Partner Enterprise) with Atlassian will end. We meet the revenue goals and – I guess – nobody will deny that we are competent, when it comes to Atlassian products, but the partnership in its current form is not for us. This requires an explanation.

We are – in our heart of hearts – a service company, built around designing and implementing software solutions in our verticals media and telecommunication and helping our customers to improve their internal processes around the software development lifecycle.

We love to choose the right tool for the job and try with our customers new ways of using different toolsets. In the past our Atlassian partnership status several times raised the question: How can you provide the best possible solution for us, when you are not impartial?

Another impulse was the development of the software development toolkit and of Atlassian itself in the last couple of years.

We have made very good experiences with being more analog in our processes, using tools like EventStorming or even Lego Serious Play in our everyday work. New tools have emerged or evolved and we focus a lot more of creating the right combination for the customer and integration in the customer’s environment, instead of selling exclusively Atlassian products.

Atlassian itself is growing up, which is a good thing, because honestly I probably have been in worse organized partner programs, but I am too old to remember when. It always required a great deal of tolerance to accept the continually proclaimed awesomeness.

Case in point: We revived the Atlassian User Group a couple of years ago and it is an open secret, that without our work and effort, and especially the initiative of our very own Lo Voelsen, this User Group would never have grown to what it is today. But we cannot do this openly, as Atlassian prohibits partners from organizing user groups. After Lo being thrown out of the User Group meeting at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona this year, that has become much more than a nuisance. Dear Atlassian: Your partners are a resource in and for your user community and this rule is – pardon my language – bullshit and hypocritical to boot.

Add to that the fact that like any other “grown-up” company Atlassian is currently weeding out its partner program by establishing a certification program (and watching that come to life was totally awesome) and raising the bar for revenues, establishing a very strange wholesale system, this is the end of the road for us as Atlassian partners.

So what will our relationship be with Atlassian after June 30th, when we officially loose our status?

We still like Atlassian products and the flexible customization they allow. We will continue to develop our open source solutions based on Atlassian products and remain as marketplace “vendor” (our plugins are free of charge). We will continue working with our customers using the Atlassian tools to improve their processes and first and foremost – with a great sigh of relief to finally be able to come out of the closet – we are taking over the lead of the Atlassian User Group as an Atlassian customer, buying the licenses we need internally. We are particularly grateful to our current leader Iza Prokowska that she welcomes us in that role and that is also why we are announcing this here, tonight, to listen to any objections that you might have.

We will – in that role – also try to revive the Atlassian user group in Lower-Silesia and our second home Wroclaw, that we also initiated.

So you will probably not be seeing less, but more of us, when it comes to Atlassian and we are looking forward to continue our work with a great community – which means you all – and our customers.

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