FullStackFest Conference 2017 Impressions

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September 5, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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FullStackFest Conference 2017 Impressions

This time we’ve visited sunny Barcelona for FullStackFest. It was strongly focused on solving problems with new & inspiring perspectives and the technologies behind them. Each day was addressed for different kind of topics, ranging from the Infrastructure and Software Architecture to the UX and The Web.

Our Team had the honor to participate in the first two days of this week-long conference. We really liked that it was single-track, deeply technical and full of the best worldwide speakers and industry leaders.

Find insights shared by our developers:

Patryk Chruściel:
My overall impression of FullStackFest 2017 is very positive. Lots of great talks but my favorites were:

– presentation about Terraform by Anton Babenko – the idea of keeping the description of infrastructure as a code and how to include it in the deployment pipeline basing on the Terraform tool.

– research from Dr Jessica Barker about sociological and psychological aspects and understanding human behavior in the cyber security.

– news about DDoS by John Graham-Cumming, trends, vest range of DDoS attacks, trends and how to prepare for it.

– Chris Ford exciting introduction to brand new Idris programming language.

Przemysław Gwizdalski:
FullStackFest 2017 is well organized conference with lots of great talks. My favorites were:

– presentation about ‘The rise and falls of the full stack database’. Frank Lyaruu in interesting way introduced SQL and NoSQL databases and talked about a replication system based on Kafka and Kafka Streams, that replicates data from a relational database to several other databases.

– Anton Babenko interesting talk about the most common scenarios of integrating Terraform and Packer into CI/CD pipeline.

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