Documentation as Code @ Write the Docs Wrocław

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December 4, 2017
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December 18, 2017
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Documentation as Code @ Write the Docs Wrocław

This Thursday (Dec, 14th) we will host in our Office in Wrocław the inaugural meetup of Write the Docs Wrocław meetup group.

The topic of providing useful documentation to software products or services lies very close to our heart. We know it’s a painful topic for many developers and organizations as it’s not easy to find the right balance between some ways of automated generation of documentation and keeping it human readable and useful. We will kick off the group with a short presentation on the above topic given by our colleague Gregorz Kopij.

If you’re interesting in joining us for this event, or in general in becoming one of Documentarians you can sign up at Meetup.

See you there!

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