DEVOXX POLAND 2017 Impressions

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DEVOXX POLAND 2017 Impressions

As it’s been some time since we got back from Devoxx Poland 2017, so it’s about time to sum up our impressions after the biggest Java conference in Poland.

During three days thousands of Devoxxians from 20 different countries attended various presentations of about 140 speakers to get inspired and learn but also to hack and network.

Our Team had the honour to welcome the great number of them at our booth. We really enjoyed and appreciate all of the talks we had. We met interesting people and got inspired.

We hope to inspire some of them too, especially to get to know Kotlin and Scala better.











We would like to thank all of the visitors and presenters. Many thanks also to the organizers for great preparation, being there for us and keeping everything working.


Our developers had also the opportunity to join the presentations from about 100 of speakers. Find following their insights:

Adam Budzik

My overall impression of Devoxx 2017 is very positive. Lots of great talks from best speakers from IT world.

This year main topics of Devoxx were:

  • Java 9
  • Java EE 8
  • Spring 5
  • Reactive Programming
  • Cloud
  • Kotlin
  • Architecture & Security
  • Big Data & Machine Learning

I’ve liked the variety of topics and it was often hard to decide which presentation to choose because there was six presentations tracks !


Dominik Rutkowski

On Devoxx 2017 were many different kind of talks. We could listen about Spring, from its creators, or about Lego trains controlled from a web api.

There were also a talk about using neural networks to teach drones to fly autonomously.

So the IT world is not only serious code, big frameworks and critical bugs, but there is also place for fun and play using your knowledge.



Mikołaj Robakowski

Devoxx 2017 has been, as always, very diverse subject-wise.

For me personally this year was mostly about performance and code clarity.

Thanks to Doug Hawkins from Azul Systems we were able to peek at the inner workings of Hotspot (Java’s most popular VM) and understand (or at least try to 😉 ) the performance pitfalls we may encounter in our “it-looks-pretty-optimized-to-me” code.

Jarek Ratajski has shown a pretty compelling alternative to writing magical, undebuggable, annotation-ridden code of Spring and JavaEE – just use plain old (well, not that old in the JVM world) Java 8 and it’s higher order functions.

In a later talk he presented how to combine that with an asynchronous web server library called Ratpack, to massively reduce the amount of time your CPU is doing nothing and, in result, gain a lot of performance.

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