DevOpsDays 2017 – London

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September 15, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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DevOpsDays 2017 – London

Two days spent in London participating at DevOpsDays impressed me very much. It was a well-organized event with an easy-going atmosphere, while happening in the heart of capital of England.

At the beginning I’ve expected many more of technical aspects, especially during main speeches, but I was surprised to find presenters talking about working in teams, looking at some aspects of work in collocated and distributed teams. Much more of psychology than technology.

From technical point of view very interesting was a speech entitled “Is Perfect Software Necessary In The World Of Continuous Delivery?” delivered by Sally Goble from The Guardians. Her speech was based on her company example, and her point was we don’t needto create a “perfect software” and test it for very long time when we have well organized Continuous Delivery process in place. In her project they do not perform any tests but instead they deliver as many as more than 100 releases per day.Their CD are ready to very fast make a new release and if needed perform a rollback to a last stable version.

After speeches there were another part of conference – open spaces. It was my first time on even like this, so I didn’t know what to expect, but luckily, I was very positively surprised. There were many interesting topics to choose from and I decided to join meetings about Continuous Integration and Jenkins.On this meeting one of participants briefly presented another tool for CI and on next day he arranged 45 minutes slot during opens paces for describing this tool. My personal follow up after DevOpsDays in London is to dive deeper into Concourse tool and check all its features.

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