Agile Coach Camp Polska #3 2017

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September 22, 2017
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Agile Coach Camp Polska #3 2017

Oh, what a ride..

Last weekend I got chance to join the first of this year’s autumn editions of Agile Coach Camp Polska. The event takes place two times a year (spring and autumn editions), but because of a huge community interest each edition actually happens twice on two separate weekends.   

Just like every un-conference this event is “like a box of chocolates”, but one packed with my favorites flavors 🙂 More than 60 people spent two full days (and nights) in Spała discussing topics related to work organization, impediments on the way towards so much wanted agility, the purpose of so called agile transformations or psychology of a change process and its impact on the teams and whole organizations. 

I was delighted to participate in Tomek Pawlak‘s session about a dangerously dogmatic approach to introducing Scrum, which not only, doesn’t bring the desired benefits, but increases resistance to change. Among many others the root cause has been identified in a mechanistic, very shallow, understanding of change agent tools. We, as the community responsible for changes, need to simply be better educated, convinced, authentic at introducing new ways of working and most of all – open for criticism and being challenged. 

I loved Sunday’s slot organized by one of Agile Rebels – Krzysiek Kosacki, who dedicated time to host a slot about some problems with sprint reviews. I guess the topic evolved beyond Scrum or just this particular type of meetings, because the take-away was that many organizations – independent of size or business type – very often drop the Agile “Prime Directive” – Inspect and Adapt – and fall into Inspect-mode only. A lack of closing the team’s or organization’s learning cycle results in dangerous pattern when current, imperfect behavior becomes a newly acceptable baseline. As soon as it solidifies, any further changes (adaptations) are harder if not impossible to introduce. Let’s face the reality: How many times do we find ourselves in that situation? 


There were many more interesting and engaging topics, so instead of describing them in detail all I can do is to recommend you to visit an ACCPLs in the future and simply experience it yourself. 

Personally, I wanted to say a huge “Thanks!” to everyone who came for my session about Lean practices in IT and creative environments. Participants’ engagement and feedback was a huge personal battery boost to me and it showed me there’s a big interest in lean topics.  

Oh, and in case you’d pay attention to our “Meet us At” section on the page, you’re right, there was no announcement we will be there. Reason? It was a very last minute change, but you know, we are flexible, agile. So are the organizers of ACCPL and for that (and much more) I wanted to thank them all!  

It’s incredible that such a great event is self-organized by the community and delivered consistently with the highest quality every year. See you next time! 

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