2nd Wrocław Lean Coffee @ NetworkedAssets

Wrocław LeanCoffee with a Featureban game
December 18, 2017
London Lean Kanban Days 2018
March 19, 2018
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2nd Wrocław Lean Coffee @ NetworkedAssets

On Wednesday, January the 24 we will host in our Office in Wrocław the 2nd meetup of Wrocław Lean Coffee group. Following the votes from the group survey this event will be wrapped around value stream mapping (VSM). What’s going to happen there? We will try to observe and record a real life process and work in groups on documenting it and later modelling a future value stream map. Let’s see how it’s going to go.

Because it’s a Lean Coffee meetup we will follow up the interactive part with a democratic Lean Coffee format discussions! Interested? Sign up at meetup.com

The number of seats is limited so we ask for responsible use and updating your RSVP. Thanks!

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