1 Cake 1 Keynote 2 Parties

Developers United in Berlin – AtlasCamp 2014
June 6, 2014
Inauguration Meeting of the Atlassian User Group Lower Silesia
September 30, 2014
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1 Cake 1 Keynote 2 Parties

1 Cake, 1 Keynote, 2 Parties – Thanks for an interesting evening

It was a pleasure, meeting all during the revival meeting of the Atlassian User Group Berlin Brandenburg and the inauguration of the AUG Lower Silesia we had the privilege to host 10th of September night.

Thanks to all who found the time to talk about all things Atlassian, watch the Atassian Summit keynote and party with us and the interesting discussions that we had. A special thanks to the team at Atlassian and our teams in Berlin and Wroclaw who made it possible to have our cake (and eat it too). Last, but not least, many, many thanks to the colleagues Lukas Gotter and Thomas Strecker from codecentric and Jerzy Wąchała from Agilopolis Ltd. who graciously volunteered to share there considerable expertise and held two very interesting presentations about best practices for Plugin Development and Agile Project Management respectively.

We will publish a lot more about the two AUGs in the following days, so watch this space and if you didn’t have the chance to see the Altassian Summit Keynote yet, watch it and a lot more here.

We collected lots of interesting ideas for the next meetings and found Atlassian customers willing to lead the AUGs. So: Both AUGs will definitely be back and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

Thanks again and see you soon.

User Group Berlin-Brandenburg waves to San José

User Group Lower Silesia behind the Cake

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